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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shri Guru Gobind Singh's Gift

Every baptized Sikh is to wear a Kirpan (Sword). This Kirpan (Sword) is a gift from our Guru (Holy Teacher). This kirpan is not to be used in defense or to carry out on offence. The baptized Sikh who carries the kirpan is to have a sword-like mind. The kirpan is to be a sign of a sensitive soul.

The Kirpan can cut very rapidly, the mind can also cut lots in an instant. The kirpan is the symbol of the personality of a Sikh that knows no defeat, no disappointment and a personality that is unconqurable in its hope and spirituality. Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj Says “I will make my one dominate over a million.” This statement is not necessarily to be considered in battle but the presence of a great spiritual person overpowers millions of people for example a Sant (Holy Saint). The mind is nothing without a flash of lightening and instant decisions the same is that a Guru Sikh is noting without Kirpan. He who wears the Kirpan and is a baptized Sikh and wears the Gurus Word lives on the given path is part of the spirit of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj. It is all very well to wear the kirpan outside and be baptized but if the Gurus Bani (Holy Scriptures) are not recited and the soul is not fed there is no point of wearing a Kirpan. Kirpan is not just a physical state but a mental state too.

Before we result to violence there are many other ways of solving problems. Guru Nanak Dev Ji (the first Sikh Holy Teacher) didn’t have a sword he talked to people with love and convinced them by feeding their souls not by using violence. The last result is to pick up the Kirpan if all else fails.

The Kirpan is one of the 5 Ks the other one of the 5Ks is Hair, it is considered to be the spiritual crown of humanity and given by God so it shouldn’t be abused by shaving cutting etc. We are killing our souls and love for the Guru by forgetting to keep our hair this is shame on us more then anyone else. We have forgotten in this modern day of the sacrifices our brothers and sisters went through to maintain peace and keep religions alive. Many people laid down their lives for justice and peace all we could do is to keep our hair as a thanks offering. The Kara (iron bangle) is a symbol of remembrance of our history and the Gurus and ultimately God. Each Sikh has beard, Sikhs are molded in the image of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Maharaaj.

So the Kirpan is not a defense weapon it is to protect the weak and poor. In the modern day of Kaljug (Dark Ages) we have forgotten the purpose of a Kirpan and we think that it is a weapon we can use anywhere, this is totally wrong. The kirpan is a gift from the Guru and should be respected and only be worn by baptized Sikhs and it shows love for the religion and we know that we stand up to protect the weak and poor.

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