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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Warning given to Shiv Sena and Congress party by Sikh Organizations

Sikh Organization led by Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu, Damdami Taksal by Dhumma and Sikh Students Federation led by S. Parmjeet Singh Gazi on monday reacted sharply to the criticism of installation of portrait of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale inside Sikh museum in the Golden Temple complex at Amritsar.These organizations have warned of dire consequences if Congress party and other outfits mainly Shiv Sena didn't stop interfering in the Sikh affairs.

PPCC president Rajinder kaur Bhattal on the other hand met Punjab Governor Gen.(Retd) J.F.Rodrigues and demanded to remove the portrait of Sikh militant leader from the museum.Daljit Singh Bittu while addressing a press conference here said that Sikh community would not tolerate attempts to malign their martyrs. "If anti-Sikh offensive continued, severe punishment would be given by Sikhs", Bittu said in hard hitting statement. He was reacting to a statement by a faction of Shiv sena that they will go to Amritsar to remove the portrait of Sant Bhinderanwale, whom they see as "killer" of thousands of Hindus.

Bittu said that Congress and other parties has no business to mingle in Sikh affairs. This is for the Sikhs to decide who are their martyrs. He said that Congress and other organizations were pushing Punjab into circumstances that led to militancy in early 80's.He also stated that Sikh reaction would be spontaneous if anybody tried to malign the name of Sant Bhinderanwale. He thanked SGPC for installing the portrait though it is belated action.Harnam Singh Dhuma serving chief of Damdami Taksal in a separate statement in Amritsar warned the PPCC chief Rajinder Kaur Bhattal to stop criticism against the installation of portrait Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale in the Sikh museum of Golden Temple in holy city of Amritsar.

Talking to the media, he described his predecessor Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderanwale as martyr of Sikhism as he had laid down his life for the cause of Sikhism. Dhuma urged the UPA President Sonia Gandhi to refrain Bhattal against the criticism of installation of portrait of Sant Bhinderanwale in the Sikh museum of Golden Temple.Warning the Congress party, the Sikh Student Federation (Mehta) yesterday asked the party to stop interfering in the internal matters of Sikhs. Sikh Students Federation made following declaration as well raised following points before media:

The Decision of installing portrait of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhinderanwale at Sikh Museum in Sri Darbar Sahib Complex is manifestation of inner feelings of the Sikh Nation. It is the decision of Khalsa Panth and Sikh Students Federation stand by it.

Communal Political Parties like Congress and BJP, who are guilty of killing thousands innocent people should immediately stop their propaganda against great Sikh Martyr of 20 th Century. SSF criticizes statements of Balbir Punj of BJP and Rajinder Kaur Bhattal of Congress, stating that they have no right to say anything on decisions taken by the Khalsa Panth.

Congress is a party responsible of killing thousands of innocent Sikhs in Punjab, Delhi and at other places. Bhattal is serving this communal party just because of selfishness so they have no moral right to speak about Sikh Martyrs and Sikh Principles.

Sikh Students Federation takes strong note of statements of Shiv Sena and Hindu Surakhya Samity and warns them to immediately stop their statements and activates which aims at opposing decisions of Sri Akal Takht. Statement of Pawan Kumar of Shiv Sena to hold statewide protest against decision of Akal Takht amounts to a challenge to the whole Sikh Nation and is bound to disturb peace of Punjab. Statement of Mahant Sanjeev Hari of Hindu Surakhya Samity that who ever shall enter the Darbar Sahib Complex and bring Photo of Sant Bhindranwale out of Sikh Museum shall be heavily rewarded by his organizations is a challenge to the Sikhs. No Sikh can tolerate such statements or activities as it amounts to planning an attack to Sri Darbar Sahib. These statements and activities aims at terrorizing the Sikhs. State should ban the activities of these terrorist organization otherwise the Panth shall be bound to follow its' own path.