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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sabh Jot Teri Jagjeevana!

God is the light of all in the World and he fills each heart in the whole World with his love. God is everywhere we just need to open our eyes and realise, that God is in all. So you musn't let the 5 thiefs win the battle. Sikhs are constantly having a battle with the 5 thiefs within the body and mind, a battle is not always outside. This battle is within, where we fight kaam - desire, moh - attachment, krodh - anger, lobh - greed and hankar - ego. We can only fight these thieves if we chant the name of God 'Vaheguru, Allah, Ram" however you want to recite the lords name this will save you from the five thieves and help you to win the inner battle.

Translation in English of Shabad Audio - Sabh Jot Teri Jagjeevana

sabh joth thaeree jagajeevanaa thoo ghatt ghatt har ra(n)g ra(n)ganaa
You are the Light of all, the Life of the World; You imbue each and every heart with Your Love.

sabh dhhiaavehi thudhh maerae preethamaa thoo sath sath purakh nira(n)janaa
All meditate on You, O my Beloved; You are the True, True Primal Being, the Immaculate Lord.

eik dhaathaa sabh jagath bhikhaareeaa har jaachehi sabh ma(n)g ma(n)ganaa
The One is the Giver; the whole world is the beggar. All the beggars beg for His Gifts.

saevak t(h)aakur sabh thoohai thoohai guramathee har cha(n)g cha(n)ganaa
You are the servant, and You are the Lord and Master of all. Through the Guru's Teachings, we are ennobled and uplifted.

sabh kehahu mukhahu rikheekaes harae rikheekaes harae jith paavehi sabh fal falanaa
Let everyone say that the Lord is the Master of the senses, the Master of all faculties; through Him, we obtain all fruits and rewards.


Gurbaksh Singh said...

Where is this photograph from ji?

Wikid wall-paper!


Khalsa said...

Thankyou for leaving a comment bhai sahib I made this wallpaper myself good you like it you can click on it to save the image just trying to spread the word and message of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj!