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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Punjab The Latest as it comes - News Breaks

Times of India and other paranoid press of India has reported :

“Pakistan has rushed to fish in troubled Punjab waters in the wake of the Sikh-Dera Sacha Sauda feud, with Babbar Khalsa International chief Wadhawa Singh Babbar, operating from Lahore under ISI patronage, seeking to stoke violence in the state.”
They state the BKI leader “has been in touch with radical elements in the Sikh community” and that that the BKI chief had worked on the radical Sikh priest whose Gurudwara near Talwandi Sabo in Bathinda was the catalyst for setting off the clash with the Dera…”
In other words they are openly linking Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh to the BKI. Why? First of all, blaming the ongoing dera tension on Pakistan or the BKI is easier than blaming themselves. Secondly, it serves the interest of India’s Brahmin masters when they can destroy any competent Sikh leader by linking them to the ever-ready boogey man called “atvaad”.
Rather than doing something about the cancer of derawad (which serves the interest of the Brahmin masters) it is much more convenient to blame and “round up the usual suspects.” There is no question that the GOI and its Brahmin masters are very uneasy and nervous about rising awareness in the Sikh masses and the unity shown by Sikh organizations over the past fews days. Perhaps by introducing the fear of the boogey man called “atvaad” again, could be the GOI’s plan in crushing this movement by the Sikh masses.
Sikhs of Punjab : Be ready for more arrests, detentions, and tortures all in the name of atvaad and Hindoostan.

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