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Thursday, June 12, 2008

News regarding Jathedars

Even as the Sikh Nation Organisation, headed by Dr Manjit Singh Randhawa, has appealed for a truce among Sikh high priests, Dal Khalsa has urged the authorities concerned for compulsory retirement of all Jathedars.
Secretary-general of the Dal Khalsa Kanwarpal Singh said the warring Jathedars had brought shame to the Sikh community and they had no right to lead the Sikh Panth.
There’s a feeling among Sikhs that all five Jathedars have become a liability, he said, demanding that the Jathedars either resolve their disputes amicably or quit forthwith to put an end to religious controversies, which are a cause of concern for Sikh diaspora the world over.
We don’t think that Jathedar Vedanti will ever be able to restore the dignity of the office he has been holding since long, he said.
Gaini Iqbal Singh’s performance in the capacity of the Jathedar of Takht Patna Sahib was too bitter to swallow, the Dal Khalsa leader added.
President of Sikh Nation Organisation maintained that personal ego had no place in the Sikh way of life, which is based on kindness, truthfulness, love and humility. Recent religious controversy was due to clash of egos of the high priests.
He said whatever happened on June 6 in Amritsar during a meeting of the high priests was a “blatant violation” of Sikh Maryada. He maintained that the high priests of all five Takhts were equal in status and powers.

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