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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The month of June full of martyrdom for sikhs - Part 4

7th June

GurSikhs from rural Punjab marched to defend Sri Darbar Sahib despite the heavy presence of armed forces, living up to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji's words "Don't Spare anyone who insults Guru Ji!"
The Sikh soldier rebellion began, they wanted to stop the attack of Sri Darbar Sahib. They were fired upon with helicopers and thousands of Sikh marchers were shot dead. Several thousand Sikhs, including women and small children were arrested.
The army deliberately set fire to the Sikh Reference Library.
Valuable archives and material of significant historical importance were destroyed in this fire. This was yet another extremely sad incident. The army claims that the library caught fire during crossfire. The fire was deliberately set by the army either on June 7 or 8.
Bhindranwale is still alive in the hearts of all the Sikhs.

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