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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Punjab Latest Breaking News - Wednesday 6th June 2007

Sikh express anger on 'Operation Blue Star' anniversary

Amritsar, June 6 : Representatives of various Sikh organisations assembled at the Akal Takht, the highest spiritual seat of the Sikhs, on Wednesday to pay homage to martyrs of 'Operation Blue Star'.The 'Operation Blue Star', which was carried out by the army at the Golden Temple on June 6, 1984, was conducted to flush out rebels fighting for a separate Sikh homeland, as they had taken shelter inside the Golden Temple.Sikh militant leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and his followers were killed in the operation and the temple was damaged. Twenty-three years later, Bhindranwala is still considered a hero. Radicals Sikhs see him as embodying the injustice done to them.The Jathedar of the Akal Takht Giani, Joginder Singh Vedanti honoured the kin of the martyrs including Baba Isher Singh, the son of Sant Jarnail Singh BhindranwalaWhile delivering his message, Vedanti described 'Operation Blue Star' as'Genocide of the Sikhs'. Condemning the attack on the Durbar Sahib, Vedanti said that anti Sikh forces were actively involved in dividing the community. He appealed to Sikhs to aware of such forces and show their solidarity.Commenting on the recent incidents in Punjab relating to the Dera Sacha Sauda issue, he appealed to the Sikh Diaspora to chalk out programs for spreading doctrines of Sikhsim to neutralise anti Sikh forces.Daljit Singh Bittu, the vice-president of Shiromani Akali Dal (A) said: 'Though we are here to pay homage to the great martyrs of the Sikh Pant, we were expecting the Jathedars to instruct the community to resolve the ongoing crisis of the Dera Sacha Sauda, which we do not want to leave in the lurch'. Radical leaders too expressed their resentment by saying that Jathedar Akal Takht did not utter any word for further program to execute the 'Gurmatas' pronounced against Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Raheem. Kanwerpal Singh Bittu, general secretary of the Dal Khalsa told reporters here that it was ironical that the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee (SGPC) was dragging its feet over building a memorial for the martyrs of Operation Blue Star. 'It should be raised without any delay. We will write to the SGPC remind them of the resolution which was passed by the SGPC five years back,' Bittu added. Professor Kirpal Singh Badungar, former SGPC President had announced that a memorial would be built to remember the martyrs of the operation. Bibi Jagir Kaur had reiterated the SGPC announcement and promised to build the 'Minar-e-Shahida.A prayer meeting was organised at the Golden Temple in the memory of those killed in the operation. Hundreds of Sikhs raised slogans and demanded the formation of a separate homeland for Sikhs called Khalistan.Several social, religious and political leaders also took part in the anniversary-related functions.'We have all gathered here on this occasion to express our grief. The entire Sikh community is unhappy at the event that took place on June 6, 1984. We are regretful of the fact the government at that time did not fulfil its duties properly,' said Bikram Singh Majthia, Punjab's Information and Broadcasting Minister.

Operation Blue Star anniversary: Kin of Sikh martyrs honoured by Akal Takht

AMRITSAR: Amidst the presence of hundreds of devotees here on Wednesday the function organised to mark genocide day at Akal Takht (highest Sikh temporal seat) passed off peacefully.
Unlike previous years, no provocative slogans of Khalisthan (separate Sikh home Land) were raised and no provocative speeches were delivered this time by any of Sikh organsitaion. Every year on this occasion provocative slogans were being raised in past.
It may be mentioned here that during the Operation Blue Star in 1984 militant Sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala chief of Dam Dami Taksal (religious Sikh organization), President All Indian Sikh Student Federation Bhai Amrik Singh, former Indian Army General, Subegh Singh (close associate to Bhidnranwala) were killed during firing by army. Today family members of all 'martyrs' were honored at Akal Takht
Today on this occasion the current chief of Dam Dami Taksal Bhai Harnam Singh Dhuma was also present at Akal Takht but did not deliver any speech.
On this occasion Jatehdar Akal Takht Gyani Joginder Singh Vedanti while reading message for the Sikh community from Akal Takht condemned the army action launched in June 1984 said, "The then Government of India has sent Indian Army to Golden Temple to ruin the sanctity and piousness and people who were killed at the Hands of Army inside the Golden Temple were trying to save and protect the piousness of theholy Harmandir Sahib".
Vedanti also lauded the role of slain militant leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrewale and described Bhindrewale as a martyr of the entire Sikh Panth (religion) who scarified his life for the cause of Sikh religion during the operation Blue Star in 1984".
Adding further Vedanti said, "During the Bombardment by the Indian Army in 1984 the pious religious and rare Sikh scripture was also taken away from the 'Sikh Reference Library. Sikh community would always remember the sacrifice of Sant Jarmail Singh Bhindranwala. Sikh community would never forget the shameful act of Indian Government for attacking on Golden Temple".
Earlier in the day a religious prayer at Akal Takht was performed, whereupon the Operation Blue Star launched by the Indian Army was condemned and army attack on the Golden Temple by the Indian Government was described as a brutal act.
Nevertheless to say, every year on June 6 is observed as genocide day since on this day Indian Army attacked on the Golden Temple in a bid to flush out the hiding militants but during attack several hundreds people were killed besides damaging of Akal Takht. As a reason on June 6 various Sikh organizations assemble at Akal Takht to join the congregation organized by the SGPC.

Sikhs resent ignoring dera Sacha Sauda by Akal Takhat Jathedar

AMRITSAR: The genocide day, observed at Akal takht in Amritsar on Wednesday, to mark 23rd anniversary of Operation Blue Star witnessed anger of radical Sikhs agaisnt dera Sacha Sauda. The hardliners also displayed banners of Khalistan in front of Akal Takht.
Senior SAD leaders including Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal stayed away from the function organised by SGPC.
The day however passed off peacefully as no report of any untoward incident was received from any part of the state. The Sikh devotees attended congregations organised in various Gurdawaras and condemnded theoperation blue star conducted by army.
The former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi had ordered army action to flush out militants hoarding inside the Golden Temple. Sant Jarnail SinghBhindrawala head of damdami Taksal who led the militants was killed in the army operation.
Joginder Singh Vedanti Jathedar of Akal Takht addressed a congregation this morning and held Indira gandhi responsible for the army action on JUNE 6,1984. He also honoured kin of "martyrs" killed in army action.
Senior Vice President of Shiromani Akali Dal Mann, Daljit Singh Bittu expressed anguish over the attitude of Vedanti, for maintaining studded silence for Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmit Ram Rahim.
Talking to the media persons, Bittu said the Sikh community was expecting some special announcement from Vedanti or line of action further against Dera Sahca Sauda chief, who had allegedly hurt the Sikh psyche through his blasphemous act.
The reports said that a group of nearly thirty to forty people while carrying the banner of Khalisthan walked in the front of Akal Takht and distributed pamphlets of Khaistahan. Nevertheless to say that no one has raised any provocative slogans of Khalsithan or any such speech.

Three Sikh leader not allowed to meet Governor

Fatehgarh Sahib: Three Sikh leaders Dalit Singh Bittu , Kanwarpal Singh and Karnail Singh Panjoli were not allowed to meet Punjab Governor Gen (Retd) S.F.Rodrigues , when they along with a delegation went to submit memorandum against Dera Sacha Sauda chief to the Governor of Punjab. The delegation was led by Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee president Paramjit Singh Sarna. Bittu is senior vice president of Shiromani Akali Dal(Amritsar) while Kanwarpal Singh is Spokesperson of Dal Khalsa and Panjoli is SGPC member from Fatehgarh Sahib. A ten member committee led by Sarna comprising Dal Khalsa president Satnam Singh Paunta Sahib, Damdami Taksal Spokesperson Bhai Mohkam Singh, former Akal Takht Jathedar Jasbir Singh Rode, former Ambassdor Harinder Singh Khalsa and Sant Samaj representatives Baba Sukhchain Singh, Baba Baljit Singh Daduwal ; hardliners Daljit Singh Bittu, Kanwarpal Singh and Karnail Singh Panjoli had gone to submit memorandum to governor.The security staff of Governor refused to allow entry to Bittu, Kanwarpal and Panjoli. Interestingly, Fatehgarh Sahib police had recently registered a sedition case against Daljit Bittu but he was not arrested by the police so far. He publically attended meeting of Sant Samaj at Ludhiana and later gone to submit memorandum to Governor but no one 'dare' to arrest him. Security staff of Governor only denied permission to him to meet Governor but did not arrest him.The registration of sedition case against him was widely highlighted in media. Satnam Singh Paunta Sahib , who was allowed permission to meet Governor remained 14 years in prison in Pakistan for hijacking an Indian Airlines plane. Bittu had already denied charges of sedition and said that a false case was registered against him.

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