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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Punjab- Your opiniouns and ideas needed!

The site has been broadcasting the latest news and will carry on doing. We want your opiniouns on the Dera issue, what are your ideas and the ways forward? No comments will be rejected please leave a comment and voice your opiniouns and your views on the issue please. Thankyou


Anonymous said...

sadh sangat ji we need to get all the sikh jathebandis that say that an apology is not enough and say we need all deras closed should get togehter and make a decision where to go next

Mr. Singh said...

Khalsa ji, people need to have some place to turn to for spiritual guidance. THE SGPC is not doing enough dharm parchar or helping people get through the difficulties in their daily lives by providing hospital, educational, or counselling facilities to help them. Instead of letting looters like Badal and Jagir Kaur run the show the SGPC needs people to do real Sewa to help the masses help themselves.

Anonymous said...

thats so true paji there needs to be a leader of the panth that the panth looks up to and we all follow i don't think vedanti is up to this challenge and badal is just a corupt politician